The Pet Show is the thirty-second episode of Gullah, Gullah Island.

Plot SummaryEdit

Petey, the class rabbit that Vanessa and Jessica are looking after goes missing, and they must try to find him.

Songs Edit

  • A House for Me
  • The Tortise and the Hare Song
  • The Lost and Found Detective Agent C
  • Hopping Like A Bunny

Trivia NoticeEdit

  • When Vanessa and Jessica are speaking to James and Bryan about Petey going missing, Jessica puts a little bit of her t-shirt up and you can also see a little bit of her beautifully adorable belly button for just a brief 2nd there, then it's back down again.
  • Armando and Marisol are our absent people in the episode.
  • Although Ron appears in the episode, he somehow doesn't appear in the end credits.
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