Ron's Birthday is the first episode of Gullah, Gullah Island.


  • Shaina states that she's 5 years old in this episode which is a Season 1 episode. Unfortunately, she turned 5 in "Shaina's Birthday" which is a Season 2 episode. Maybe this episode took place after "Shaina's Birthday", but that can't be from scratched because Cory was in that episode, and in the first Season 2 episode "Friendship-Just the Perfect Blend ship", Cory moved to Gullah, Gullah Island, and "Shaina's Birthday" was the last Season 2 episode.
  • Gullah, Gullah Island Theme Song
  • It's A Secret
  • Loopy Lou
  • Came Back
  • We're We Go, Loopy Lou
  • It's A Secret Reprise
  • For He's A jolly Good Fellow
  • Gullah, Gullah Island End theme
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